Friday, February 27, 2009

The Hair Stylings of Fia

Sofia was born with LOTS of hair. It was everywhere. It covered her head, ears, & back. Her first hair cut was when she was 6 months old & I've been giving her occasional trims since. Fia is patient & sits very still while I fidget with her hair every morning. She usually doesn't care how I style it, so long as its out of her face. I decided to compile a collection of her many hair styles. They are in rough categories:

1. Baby Hair
2. Pony Tails
3. Braids
4. Textures
5. Head Ornaments

This is the day she was born. Her hair already covers most of her ears.

Afro Hair & Bedhead Hair

Static Hair & Bathtub Spike

1/2 Pony on Top & 1/2 Pony on Side

Pig Tails Up & Pig Tails Down

Pony Tails Straight Out & 3 Pony Tails

1/2 Pony Tails(s)

Single Pony Up & Single Pony Down

Continuous Pony Tail(s)

Single Bun Down & Bowtie Bun Up

2 Buns Up & 2 Buns Down

3 Buns & 4 Buns

Single Braid Up & Single Braid Down

Fish Tail Braid & Flower Girl Braids

Double Braids Up & Double Braids Straight Out

Double Braids Down & Pocahontas Braids

French Braid Headband & Single French Braid

Dutch Girl Braids & 4 Dutch Girls Braids

Braid Crown & Princess Laya Braids

3 Braids & 4 Braids

Mommy's Creation #1 & Mommy's Creation #2

Mommy's Creation #3 & Crazy Hair Day @ Vacation Bible School

Down & Side Barrett

Soft Curls & Spiral Curls

Tight Ringlets & Crimpy Curls

Hot Rollers & Old Lady Curlers

Various Hats


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